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Looking for a great colourful customisable fabric dog collar to make your pet happy?

Made from top quality and environmentally friendly materials, our fabric dog collar is durable, resistant and ecological.

A truly modular piece, you can match it to your and your dog's desires with the engraving colour you prefer from among all our dog collar colours!

As well as adding style to the fabric collar, the engraving is a real asset if you lose your four-legged friend so that you can find him/her thanks to the name and telephone number engraved on it.

This minimalist, inter-temporal accessory has been designed for active dogs who enjoy outdoor activities in any weather or condition.

The collar buckle is convenient and easy to clip on and off at any time. This means you can release your pet quickly when the mood strikes. The collar is also adjustable so you can set it to the right size.

Easy to care for, you can hand wash it whenever you like.

This personalised collar is the ideal gift to please your dog!

Care instructions:
Clean the collar in warm water with a toothbrush and white soap and rinse it. You can then lay it out in the sun directly or leave it to dry.

Measuring: Take a tape, string or whatever you need to measure your pet's neck size. To make sure your pet is comfortable, make sure that two fingers can fit between your dog's neck and the tape or string. Then measure your dog's neck with this in mind. The collar will then be a little loose and this will ensure maximum comfort.

Size Collar width (cm) Neck size (cm)
S 1,5 25-35
M 2 30-45
L 2,5 35-53

More about the collar:


  • Fits all sizes of dog (large dog, medium dog, small dog, puppy) and can fit all cat breeds with a similar size

  • Composition: Premium quality environmentally friendly microfiber and colourful customizable fabric engraving
  • Collar available in different colours (black, blue, pink), in several sizes (size S, size M, size L) and continuously adjustable collar to fit the perfect size.
  • Wear-resistant, strong and durable
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  • Satisfied or refunded in 48 hours

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