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 Size Collar length (cm) Collar width (cm) Neck size (cm)
S 35 1,2 26-32
M 40 1,7 28-36
L 51 2,2 36-46
XL 60 2,7 44-54
XXL 72 3,2 56-66

Looking for a beautiful customizable leather dog collar for your faithful companion?

Made of natural, authentic and colorful leather, our personalized collar is the ideal canine accessory.

Its color has been carefully chosen to offer a sober and distinguished style to your companion while ensuring a subtle mix between the gold and the proposed colors to create a harmonious and design.

Its quality of manufacture allows it to be of great solidity and durability and to resist the potential tears and bites of your dog.

It is a modular piece that you can match to your liking thanks to its gold colored traction resistant D-ring with a pretty matching leash of your choice.

Thanks to its clasp you can quickly remove and put the dog collar around your pet's neck.

Very nice and customizable, its golden dog tag allows you to engrave your dog's name and phone number to find him if you ever lose him.

So you will be less anxious when you walk him outside and more serene throughout the walk.

Personalization will also allow your pet to proudly display his name thanks to his dog tag.

It's an original gift that your dog will love!

Easy to clean, it can be washed in warm water with mild soap and a toothbrush. It can then be dried directly in the sun.

To measure it, we recommend that you take a tape or string and measure the circumference of your pet's neck, making sure to leave two fingers between the neck and the tape or string. You can then take the measurement.


  • Fits all sizes of dogs (large dog, medium dog, small dog, puppy) and can fit all cat breeds with similar size.

  • Composition: Premium quality genuine leather with engraved and personalized gold stainless steel identification plate
  • Adjustable collar available in different colors (brown, green, pink) and sizes (size S, size M, size L, size XL, size XXL) and infinitely adjustable to fit the perfect size.
  • Wear-resistant, strong and durable
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  • Satisfied or refunded in 48 hours

Care instructions: Clean the collar in warm water with a toothbrush and white soap and rinse it. You can then put it directly in the sun or let it dry. 

Measuring: Take a ribbon, a string or whatever you want to measure the neck size of your four-legged friend. For your pet's comfort, make sure that 2 fingers can fit between your pet's neck and the tape or string. Then measure your pet's neck with this in mind.

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