Engraved hunting dog collar

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Discover our beautiful personalised hunting dog collar

With our engraved hunting dog collar, your dog is perfectly identifiable wherever he is thanks to his first name and your phone number marked on your pet's collar.

If you go hunting, this engraved hunting dog collar will be the perfect dog accessory to avoid losing your canine.

Our leather hunting dog collar is particularly light and comfortable and the undercoat is very soft so it won't damage your furry friend's skin, hair or coat.

It is also padded and has a double layer of leather which keeps your dog warm when hunting and makes the engraved hunting collar more durable and supple. This double layer also adds a little elegance and design to the collar which has two colours instead of one, adding a unique and original touch to the whole.

The beautiful gold D-ring is pull resistant and can be used to attach a dog lead of your choice. It is therefore ideal for hunting or for outdoor walks.

As well as being the perfect gift for your hunting dog, it is also a great gift for any of your pets!

Care instructions: To keep the collar in perfect condition, we recommend cleaning it in warm water with a toothbrush and white soap and then rinsing it. You can then put it directly in the sun or let it dry. Our dog collars dry quickly.

Measuring: Take a tape, string or whatever you need to measure your pet's neck size. To make sure your dog is comfortable, make sure that two fingers can fit between the neck of your hairball and the tape or string and that the collar is not flush with the neck. Then measure the neck of your hairball taking this into account.  

 Size Neck size (cm) Collar width (cm) Collar length (cm)
S 27,5-33 1,8 37
M 30,5-38,5 2,3 42,5
L 37,5-47,5 2,8 53
XL 46,5-56,5 3,2 63
2XL 56,5-66,5 3,7 74

More information: 

  • Suitable for all dog breeds and dog sizes (large dog, medium dog, small dog, puppy)

  • Composition: Premium quality genuine leather as well as a gold metal buckle and D-ring and an engraved metal plate for personalisation
  • Collar available in various colours (red leather, brown leather, blue leather, pink leather, grey leather, black leather) and sizes (size S, size M, size L, size XL, size 2XL) for small, medium and large dogs.
  • Wear resistant and durable
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