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Indulge your feline with a beautiful, glittering and stylish customizable anti-choke cat collar

If you want a personalised anti-choke collar with style, this collar is just for you!

Its sparkling and shiny style gives your cat a stylish touch that sets it apart from all other felines.

The small laser-engraved plate allows you to neatly inscribe your pet's name so that he can proudly display his name. You can also write your phone number on it so that you can find your pet if he gets lost, thus reducing your anxiety.

Its anti-choking system is guaranteed thanks to its safety buckle. It quickly releases under pressure when your cat is caught in something.

The buckle is also very easy to use and allows you to put on and remove the collar from your cat's neck at any time with ease.

Its nylon composition guarantees excellent resistance to scratches and bites as well as excellent durability over time.

It's the perfect gift for your pet!

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XS 18-27 1

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  • Fits all cat sizes (large cat, medium cat, small cat, kitten) and can fit all dog breeds with a similar size.

  • Composition: Premium quality nylon with engraved and personalised stainless steel identification tag and anti-choke safety buckle
  • Adjustable collar available in different colours and continuously adjustable to fit the perfect size.
  • Wear resistant, strong and durable
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  • Satisfied or your money back in 48 hours


Care instructions: Clean the collar in warm water with a toothbrush and white soap and rinse it. You can then put it directly in the sun or let it dry.

Measuring: Take a tape, string or whatever you need to measure your pet's neck size. To make sure your pet is comfortable, make sure that 2 fingers can fit between your pet's neck and the tape or string. Then measure your pet's neck with this in mind.

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